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Alternative Leaves craft thoughtful herbal remedies powered by local, organically sourced botanicals that support your body’s response to everything from stress relief to headache help.


"From our backyard, to your body -- enjoy!"




Alternative Leaves' Co-founders

Bayli + Courtney

Our mission

Alternative Leaves provides approachable overall well-being to their community through affordable, local, and sustainably-harvested herbal remedies. Alternative Leaves’ values are centered around compassion and building trust with their community.

Herbal Remedies

Our Philosophy

About the sister duo

Herbalist sister meets marketing sister. Together? Alternative Leaves! 

Founded in 2020, the duo combined their talents to bring approachable wellness to their community in the Bay Area, CA. 

Get to know the quirky pair and how they started formulating herbal remedies.

Sister herbal busines