This blend is full of herbs that will benefit your immunities!



  • astralagus- raises white blood cell count, improves physical endurance, and encourages the body systems to function correctly
  • elderberries- encourages sweating and urine production, so your body will flush out toxins while also having anti-inflammatory effects, making it great for any coughs 
  • yarrow- natural ability to circulate the blood in your body in a warming way
  • ginger- given its hot/stimulating properties, this root is great for adding some warmth to your body during these colder months while also aiding nausea and providing anti-inflammatory effects
  • echinacea- boosts your body’s white blood cell count, and when taken over time has been shown to decrease the length and severity of colds
  • Honey- for taste


Menstrumm: Brandy

2 oz dropper

Immunity Aid Herbal Tincture

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